A common trait of my favorite marketers


In the course of writing a book, I had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite marketers.

Something happened at some point during each interview — the person got really wound up about some important topic. They became animated, their passion began to shine through, and you could see why they are so successful — because they care so deeply.

One of the words we hear often in the marketing world is empathy. We need to have empathy for the consumer, truly understand them and care for their world.

It occurs to me that the most successful marketers make it to the top because they truly do care. They passionately care. They’re not trying to sell, they’re trying to help others, with urgency.

To have empathy, you have to legitimately be a caring and loving person. I think that is the difference that separates the greatest marketers — my favorite marketers — from the ones who make a splash and are gone in a few months.

Authentic Passion + Compassion = Sustained Excellence.