Google My Business Lead Extractor

Google My Business Lead Extractor

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✔ Want to scrape Google for 1000s of leads or want to collect information from literally any website for your business development or maybe for competition research. Growth hackers often use web scraping to automate and expedite business processes.

✔ If you understand the concepts and then research more and practice you will be able to literally scrape any website in-fact you will actually learn how to make a bot and then put it to work for anything this can do wonders for your business and all this for free.

✔ Scrape the Google My Business Data from anywhere in the world

✔ Any business category

✔ Runs on official Google API

✔ No extra charges for scraping thousands of business data

✔ Made for business purpose only

✔ Better lead search tool ever made with phone number + ratings address & many more