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8 ways to attract customers to your online store

1 . Enhance your social media bio:

It's not that difficult to write a social media bio that makes you stand out from the competition. For instance, Instagram only allows one link in the bio section of your profile. Implementing social advertising to increase online traffic is difficult because there is no way to point people to a specific page on your e-commerce website.

Create a landing page that directs visitors to your most popular pages using Linkpop to get around this problem, such as:

  • ->Product pages of bestselling items
  • ->Popular item category pages
  • ->Your brand story
  • ->Lead magnet landing pages
  • ->Other social media profiles

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2 . Collaborate with leaders in your industry.

Run an influencer marketing strategy to increase website traffic by engaging the audience of a well-known social media user. According to research, 61% of consumers believe influencer suggestions are trustworthy (as opposed to just 38% who believe branded social media content).

Finding influencers and innovators whose audience coincides with your own is crucial. Search for them on Instagram to find out how you may work with them. for example

  •  ->Sending free-gifts
  •  ->Paid sponsored content
  •  ->Inviting them to be an affiliate

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3 . Execute special offers and campaigns

According to research, 37% of consumers frequently search for coupons online before making a purchase. Use them as a pull to stand out from the social media noise and entice visitors to visit your online store.

That might be:

  • ->Discounts in percentage
  • ->Sales that last only a short while, like "20% Discount for the next 24 hours"
  • ->Minimum spending requirements for free shipping, such as "pay $50 for free next-day shipping"
  • ->Product bundles, which include two or more products at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each one separately.


4 . Create blog posts with optimization.

You might be surprised to learn that 48% of consumers begin their purchasing journeys on search engines like Google. Your e-commerce business will appear on their search engine results page with the use of search engine optimization (SEO), a content marketing approach.

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Create blog posts based on the keyword terms that your target-audience searches. For example, if you sell Apple Watch straps online, searches like "best apple watch straps for men" or "are apple watches waterproof" will appear.


5. Improve the descriptions of your products

You can maximize product pages, which are already-published pieces of content, to increase organic traffic. Your target consumer should be in mind as you write the product description; use their words, their problems, and the keywords they use when searching.

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6 . Start a free quiz.

People enjoy discovering more about themselves. Utilize a free quiz to scale up the personalization of your content. People have a cause to visit your online store, and you also gather their email addresses for retargeting in the future. It's a great strategy to turn infrequent visitors into paying customers.

7 . Generate YouTube videos based on popular subjects.

By producing videos on well-liked topics, you may make the most of YouTube's enormous potential. Find out what topics attract your audience by conducting market research. Upload your content to your company's YouTube account in an interesting style, such as a "how-to" manual or video tutorial.

YouTube is a mix of a search engine and social media, apply the following YouTube SEO best practices to increase the likelihood that your target audience will find your videos:

Upload a distinct thumbnail to get viewers to click on your video to show YouTube which terms are appropriate for your work, add video tags. Use playlists, end screens, and callout boxes to lengthen the duration of your videos.

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8 . Utilize SMS marketing.

Almost everyone carries a smartphone, and 86% of them have SMS notifications turned on. SMS is an excellent marketing strategy to direct clients to your online business if you have their express consent to email them.