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Connect with Your Customers on WhatsApp

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Send WhatsApp Messages to all your subscribers within seconds. Connect to your subscribers daily over a platform that they love with ease.

Mimic Human Behaviour

Reduce your account risk by mimicking human behavior. This includes the random delay between sending messages.

Unsubscribe With A Message

Give the freedom to your subscribers to unsubscribe just by sending a text instead of reporting and blocking you.

Send Personalized Messages

Send personalized messages to your subscribers using an excel file. Delight them and bring more conversions!

Send Links To Your Website

You can send links to all your subscribers to increase traffic to your website, shop, or your blog.

Send Photos Hassle Free

Using Soletstalkapp Sender sending photos is a piece of cake. You can send photos with or without captions for free.

Download WA sender free bulk messaging Tool!