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Digital Media Planning & Buying


Targeted digital advertising campaigns - closely monitored and continuously optimised - can help your brand achieve quick and
impactful results. With expertise across 25+ digital platforms, we determine the perfect media mix that will deliver the best results for
your brand.


Right from understanding your brand’s objectives to determining the ideal mix of platforms to help achieve them, our team of digital advertising experts is constantly pushing boundaries to exceed client expectations.


We work closely with your brand to understand your goals.


Our experience with multiple digital platforms helps us determine the right mix to deliver results.


We develop creative ad copies and designs to help your brand stand out and drive clicks.


Campaigns don’t end once ads are live! We closely track performance of ads and optimize them to ensure efficient use of budgets.


Proven mastery across digital formats and platforms

97% of searches in India are done through Google! Search ads help your brand get maximum visibility. Through tightly-defined audience targeting, we ensure that your brand’s messages reaches exactly whom you want to reach.

We showcase your ads on relevant websites in a number of formats including static images and videos. Through captivating visuals, we ensure high traffic to your landing page.

Social Beat has earned the Google Premier Partner Shopping ads Skills for our proven track record in this area! Through a combination of optimisation, monitoring and bidding, we ensure your product listings appear for relevant keywords.

Through automated real-time bidding and selling of ad spaces, we ensure optimal use of available ad budgets. We can also purchase and target specific audiences and reserve prime ad spots for your brand.

Website visitors abandoned their carts? Use remarketing ads to push them closer towards making a purchase! Through remarketing, you can enjoy higher brand recall, lower CTR and ultimately, greater conversions.

We analyse your brand’s target audience and objectives to narrow down a list of highly-relevant apps that your customers are actively using. We then display your ads on these apps for higher clicks among appropriate audiences.

43% of customers make a purchase after viewing a YouTube ad! We create and promote engaging video content on YouTube through multiple formats including bumper ads and TrueView ads.

An end-to-end vernacular strategy can give your brand highly-qualified leads with a lower cost-per-lead. Right from ad copies to the landing page, we ensure you communicate with your audience in the languages they understand best.

Some of our ad platforms include:

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Google Marketing Platform (Programmatic Advertising), LinkedIn, Yahoo, Times Internet Native & Affiliate ad networks, Adgebra