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Instagram Growth Strategies To Build Your Brand

Instagram, in recent years, has gained momentum as a social media platform. With a base of 1 billion monthly active customers, it engages 23.92% of internet users globally.

Desire a customer base that loves your brand? This is the place for you to be in! Having a vast number of followers is useless if they don’t engage with your brand. You can drive engagement with the growth hacking process. Before you start growth hacking Instagram, go through the following points:

  1. Navigating the Insta-app: learn the various functionalities the app offers. The use of hashtags, comments, and likes for increasing the follower base.
  2. Understanding best practices: Know what the other brands and your competitors are doing to gain followers.

It is time to draw engaging content for target customers. Your content should be in line with the customer persona. The reason for your online presence is the customer. A well-thought content is the key. Remember “you need to drive engagement and not only the count of followers”. Visual content is the foundation of any killer strategy. Given below are 10 strategies:


  1. Leveraging Video Content:

Video content enhances customer engagement. The videos are an effective way of creating the desired impact. IGTV channel or reels is an excellent way of engaging your potential follower base. Instagram sends push notifications for the video content to the users. A strong presence on reels/IGTV improves your chances to appear on the designed explore page for the brands. The explore page allows everyone, be it a follower or non-follower, to watch your videos., a clothing brand, engages with its follower base of 1.2 Million through funny videos that are shareable. You can also reap similar results with this strategy.


2. Instagram Stories- Way To Success:

Instagram confirms that half of their user base follows stories daily. Stories are available for 24 hrs to the users.“Amul India” creates engaging posters narrating the latest news that affect the people at large. A unique way to drive engagement.


3. Teaming Up With Micro-Influencers (Upto 50000 Or So Followers):

Micro-influencers are an effective means to grow your fan base. This strategy is beneficial if your brand is new or you have a shoe-string marketing budget. Big influencers are cash hungry and generally do not accept products for a post. Roping in small micro-influencers that align with your brand is a fast way of connecting with your prospective consumers.


4. Use High-Quality Images

The use of “high-quality images” while building a communication strategy is essential. As Instagram is a visual platform, low-quality images are non-engaging and a threat to the brand image.


5. Focus On The Profile:

Focus on building a good Profile. A good profile increases interest and visibility for you. For a winning profile, your handle should reflect your business name. Using a brand logo as a profile image gives your business the needed recognition. Taking the traffic to the company's webpage is the key here.


6. Power Of Cross-Promotion:

Cross promoting your account on other social media platforms is a proven strategy. Promoting your brand on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook increases the exposure to your account. Cross-promotion improves your brand image. Reuse of content helps in delivering better or the same results at a lower cost.


7. Engage With Customers:

The Instagram algorithm is relationship-based. It keeps a tab on what you like or watch. Being active on other accounts impacts the visibility of your content. It is a good practice to reply to customers that post comments and likes on your profile. Instagram claims that 150 million people are engaged in active conversation with a business. Active conversations through DM helps you connect with your customers.


  1. Unleash The Power Of Hashtags:

Start with the identification of popular hashtags and link them to your brand. Remember to mark pictures with these hashtags to ensure a surge in traffic. More traffic improves the chances of increasing followers.


9. Find And Engage:

Finding your customers and keeping them engaged is the recommended action. Promos and discounts are great interest grabbers. Use them from time to time to build excitement around your brand. Amazon India leveraged Instagram to promote the great Indian festival in 2020 and floated offers.

  1. Boost Engagement Through Stickers:

Instagram offers various sticker options. You can use them for gauging opinions, for running quiz contests, replying to follower queries, and many more. Including them in your stories boost customer engagement and interaction. Running an opinion poll is a good way to gauge customer preference before making changes to your existing product.