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Content & SEO Strategy


Our experienced team of content marketers and SEO strategists work in tandem to ensure your brand achieves higher visibility and tangible organic results. From handpicking the best content format, producing content of the highest quality, optimising it for search engines and amplifying it across channels, we go the extra mile to help your brand achieve its objectives. An average person sees around 5000 ads every single day. Content marketing fueled with aggressive Search Engine Optimisation can be the most powerful ingredients for your brand to break through the clutter and rank on page one of Google.


Our crucial ingredients for On-Page SEO

We have expertise across content formats, which is based on user and keyword research:

Wondering how you can accelerate your search rankings and supercharge your traffic? Pillar content is SEO on steroids! We have vast experience in conceptualising, creating, designing and amplifying high-performing pillar content that produces unprecedented results with higher likelihood of showing up as a Featured Snippet or Answer Box.

Build a loyal community and establish thought leadership through a comprehensive blog. We develop long-form content based on topics your target audience is searching for to transform your brand’s blog into a complete knowledge repository.

Captivate your audience through visually stunning and informative infographics! Our concise, tailor-made infographics help your audience.

Keep your audience engaged through innovative and interactive content formats! We develop a diverse range of interactive content including videos, interactive videos, quizzes and tools to encourage higher engagement and visits to your website..

Nurture your leads through every stage of their decision making process with a targeted drip email campaign to increase conversions. We also deliver perfectly curated content regularly to your audience’s inbox to sustain interest and build awareness.

Your website is your brand’s biggest asset. We write website content that delivers your brand’s message in a powerful way and is optimised to maximise visibility on search engines.

Seamless User Experience

We ensure your users are engaged on your website through

India has 500 million mobile users.AMP-optimised pages ensure your website loads instantaneously on mobile and desktop devices.

We provide your users with an excellent experience across a variety of devices including desktops, mobiles and tabs.

Our SEO experts conduct a complete audit of your current website to identify crucial errors and resolve them for better rankings.

Optimised Website Architechture

Engineer your website for better crawlability with:

Improve your website’s click-through-rate through optimised meta tags and urls.

Google prioritises secure websites. We improve your website’s ranking and security by adding an SSL certificate.

Ensure Google can crawl your website with ease through an optimised schema and open graph data.

Ensuring continuous optimisation through Off-Page SEO

Backlinks are an important signal for Google to judge your website’s quality. We develop these through:

Leveraging the online publications to get visibility for your brand and in the process positively impacting the SEO & content marketing efforts. Guest Post and Interviews with CXOs from you company will be leveraged to gain digital presence..

We reach out to high-quality websites for guest posts to build strong backlinks back to your website.

Leveraging platforms like Quora, YourStory, Wikipedia and industry specific platforms to gain backlinks.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of spam links leading to your website and remove them to increase your website’s quality.

We create Google My Business listings for your company and ensure NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) consistency for better rankings.

Encouraging Social Sharing

Social signals are a crucial ranking factor. We ensure your website performs well on social platforms by:

We amplify blogs and content on various social media platforms for higher engagement and traffic.

We make your website open to ratings and reviews from Google and other industry specific platforms (E.g. Zomato for Restaurants, India Real Estate Forum for Real Estate etc).

Building Authority

Your website’s authority determines how Google ranks it. We grow your website’s authority through:

With a combination of on-page and off-page techniques, we ensure even your unbranded searches are turned into branded ones.

We create content based on your USPs and optimise it through LSI keywords to ensure your website becomes an authority on specific subjects.


Interactive ads drive higher engagement and clicks. We create an immersive experience for your audience through ads on Saavn, mCanvas, rich media and more.